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Testnet Onboarding

This section will guide you through creating a node in the Union Testnet and becoming a validator.

The Onboarding Process

To conduct the onboarding process, follow the steps below:

0) Initialize and configure your node

Follow the instructions from our Obtaining the uniond Binary page to initialize your node and begin interacting with uniond.

1) Fill out our intake form

You'll need to follow our instructions from the Getting Testnet Tokens page to get the information required to fill out our intake form. Once you have the information ready - continue to filling out our Validator Intake Form.

2) Receive UNO and Create your validator

Once we've processed your intake form, you'll have enough UNO to Create a Validator.

3) Receive a full delegation from a member of the founding team

After we see your validator is created, we'll delegate more to your node to ensure you get a chance at producing blocks.

4) Ensure you are creating blocks correctly

Once we see that you've produced blocks for 24 hours, you will have completed the onboarding process. You will receive a notification from us confirming the completion of your onboarding.

State Sync

If the network has undergone a binary upgrade or has produced many blocks since genesis, you may find joining with State Sync to be easiest.

Public Endpoints

We also maintain a list of Public Endpoints.


If you have any questions or concerns about becoming a testnet validator, please check out our FAQ

If you have any questions or feedback for the testnet onboarding process, please join our Discord and share your feedback with us there.